Gone Fishing: In Alaska!
Alaska Seafood Culinary Retreat Update, Continued

Gone Fishing! Upated

As I mentioned yesterday, I was in Alaska, at the first annual Alaskan Seafood Culinary Retreat. I had a great time with a wonderful and most interesting group of people. There were a number of other great food bloggers in attendance, and we spent three days fishing, crabbing, hiking, and learning about sustainable wild Alaskan seafood. 

We had lots of great food, but we didn't have much Internet access. On my last day there, however, we were taken to a high-speed internet cafe, where I was able to upload this image of a fact that has captivated me since I arrived up North.  

If you stretch the state of Alaska out across the Lower 48, it reaches from San Francisco to Florida, when you take the Aleutian Islands into account. Here's proof:


I learned one other thing about Alaska that conveys its immense expanse: it has very few interior roads. No roads connect Juneau, the capital, with any other towns. The same is true for Sitka, the town I was in. It only has fourteen miles of road, and none of them lead anywhere else. The only way to get things in and out is by boat or by plane. I'll have more about the trip and the great food of Alaska as as soon as I get home (If you are reading this on Wednesday, I'm proably airborne—or sitting in an airport, awaiting a connection) and as soon as I recover from the whiplash of crossing four time zones in four days. 

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