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I was interviewed recently for an article that ran in the New York Times on Wednesday. It was by Matt Richtel and it was all about the difficulties dads can have eating healthy meals around the house. If you are new to my blog because of the article, I welcome you. I hope you find useful tips about how to feed your family and bring more joy to your life. (And if you're looking for the recipe for the dish I cooked that is discussed in the article—the chicken, red pepper, and arugula salad—it is here.)

I was delighted to be in the paper of record and among such good company (check out Mike Vobrel Dad Cooks Dinner, for some real cooking; he has three kids and he kills it in the kitchen), though this is a slightly odd time for me: With Santa Maria and my girls out of town, I haven’t been cooking for anyone but myself. One thing I have been doing is going through boxes. We moved last year, but with the launch of “Man with a Pan” and various other things (know collectively as “life”), I never really unpacked.

I put boxes and boxes of stuff in our basement storage space, and others I stacked around the house. I won’t bore you with the details of going through all of them, other than to tell you I had a kind of loaves and fishes experience. The more boxes I opened and sorted through, the more I seemed to have. I wish I could say I put everything in its place, and had a place for everything, but I still have a lot more to do.

Santa Maria and the kids are returning soon, though, so I had to call it quits and put the house back together. In the spirit of organizing things and improving my living space, though, I want to give something away.

One of the things I found was a completely intact, unopened set of spices, and a nifty metal rack. There must be at least a dozen bottles of every dried herb you might ever want in the kitchen. It was given the set a few months ago in exchange for some web writing, but I don't need it. I have all those spices, and I don’t have room for the rack in my kitchen. So I want you to have it.

I'll ship the whole glorious set—at my expense—to any reader who really needs it. Tell me why, in a comment below or by email, and I’ll look for the one that makes the most sense and give that person the set. I’m looking for someone who is new to cooking, someone—can be young or old—who is trying to get started in the kitchen. This collection of herbs and spices will really help. Tell me your story, and I’ll share it with others. 

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