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In an effort to get more red meat into our diets and to keep costs down, I have begun a romance with the Sirloin Tip cut of steak. Like many good romances, it started with a bit of mystery. “What on earth is a Sirloin Tip cut of steak?,” I wondered when I first saw it.

All I knew when I picked it up, was that it was much cheaper than the other cuts available. I recognized the word “Sirloin,” and I associated that with some decent steaks. I made my purchase, but I might have been a bit misled by the name. According to something called, it is different:

Don't be fooled by the sirloin part in the name, beef sirloin tip is not the same as top sirloin. The sirloin tip steak lies at the top of the round or hip, and above the sirloin tip lies the top sirloin which is joined to the shortloin, which means the top sirloin will be somewhat more tender than the tip.

The sirloin tip is a lean horseshoe shaped cut that is economical, can be used to make cutlets(fast fry), stir-fry, kabobs, stew, cube steak and many cookbooks will have sirloin tip steak recipes because of its many uses. Because it is very lean, it can be dry and chewy, it should be a marinating steak unless cut very thin. It is best to marinate 6-24 hours in a tenderizing marinade before grilling, broiling or pan-searing.

No matter what it was called, the meat was delicious, and fast. I cooked it just three minutes on the first side and two minutes on the second. I put it over another version of the same salad I had earlier in the week, the super amazing combo of spinach, avocado, tomato, and Parmesan. I think I'll be seeing it again. 

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