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Frozen Grapes

Though summer is about to come to a close, you still might be looking for a healthy frozen treat. Here's one to consider: frozen grapes. Something wonderful happens to grapes when you freeze them. They become crunchy and captivating on the tongue. The sugars inside the fruit must become concentrated because they become as appealing as ice cream.

Santa Maria brought home some grapes the other day, and Pinta thought she should freeze them. “Make a big batch,” she said to her mother. I asked her why, and Pinta replied, “Because I like them.”

I’m not the first to discover frozen grapes (the idea came into our house from Santa Maria, and I’m sure she got it somewhere else), and I know I won’t be the last to recommend them. (My friend Debbie Koenig wrote about them a few years ago, and compared them to something that can’t be mentioned in a family blog).  

They are so easy to make, it its almost unbelievable. Just rinse and dry a bunch. Take them off the stems if you’d like. Put them on a baking sheet.  Or not. And just put them in the freezer until they are hard.

Santa Maria put some in our freezer’s ice bucket the other day, and a few ended up in some glasses of drinking water by accident. Just watch out for that. 

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