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Post-Holiday Insanity

I've been catching up after the holidays, and it's been a bit more difficult to manage than I anticipated. I'll be back posting next week, and in the meantime I leave you with a humorous piece by a friend, about working off holiday excesses, “The Holidays Are Over, And Now to Everest (By Cross Trainer)!," by Paul Greenberg.

Jan. 2: The indulgences of the winter feasts are at an end, and I have arrived at Everest Base Camp along with my Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer.

My Sherpa guide, Dorjee, joined by his extended clan, gaze in wonder as I mount the apparatus and bring the instrument panel to life. Dorjee points at the "calories burned" meter, which reads a dismal "zero," and shakes his head. Laughter.

Jan. 5: The Himalayan village is atwitter with my activities as I acclimatize, first with care-free "Foothills," then more strenuous "Rockies," and finally... To read more, click here.

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