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What I'm Drinking Now: Tortoise Creek Sauvignon Blanc “Cuveé Jeanne”


Tuesday, we had an earthquake, and its effects were felt last night. A shelf of dishes came crashing down in the kitchen—the little pin holding the wood must have been loosened by the earth’s recent rumbling. The crockery shattered right around my mother, who was in the kitchen getting reading for a dinner with Santa Maria’s folks. They’re visiting, and Santa Maria cooked her famed Rose Revived Flounder for them.

I had been charged with shopping and getting the wine. I meant to get the fish from Blue Moon, at the Greenmarket in Union Square, but I didn’t get out of the house in time that morning to do so and to get to work at a reasonable hour, so I opted to go to the market in Grand Central Station, near my office. There’s lots of fresh food there now, but boy is it pricey: note to self, always, always buy from Blue Moon.

I thought about getting the wine in Grand Central, too, but after paying through the nose for the fish, I wasn’t in the mood to shell out anything extra for the convenience of getting it there. There are many good wine stores in Brooklyn, and the one nearest to our place, Big Nose Full Body, is small but exceptionally well run. Here’s how I know: they sell good cheap wine. It’s one thing to stock your shelves with expensive bottles of great wine. It’s another to find the ones people can afford on a weeknight that will make them feel like they are at a fine restaurant.

Last night I picked a $12 bottle of 2010 Tortoise Creek Sauvignon Blanc “Cuveé Jeanne” from their shelf. The store notes described as something like “everything you might want in a Sauvignon Blanc.” They were right. It was crisp and citrusy, but well rounded and full. I hear there’s a hurricane coming our way, and I might have to get myself a case before the winds and rains arrive. Who knows what Mother Nature will throw at us next.

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