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Life has been a bit crazy this week with the launch of “Man With a Pan,” which, aside from a celebratory dinner with Santa Maria on Tuesday night at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, al di la, (we thought about trying Brooklyn Fare, but it is booked for the next six weeks) has meant that I’ve been working longer hours than usual. 

T4_jack_rudd_502b_dsc_gen_bradley_normandy_lg As a result, I haven’t been at home cooking as much as I like, but the irony is that I’ve been talking more about home cooking now than ever before. Early this week I taped an interview about the book with Al Vuona, of "The Public Eye,” on the NPR affiliate WICN 90.5 FM, in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Al, who said he doesn’t cook as much as his wife does, let slip that he does the shopping. I had to stop him and point out that this is nearly as important as the cooking itself. If you don’t have the ingredients, good luck making the meal.

There’s an old saying in the military, often attributed to the U. S. Second World War field commander Omar Bradley, that “amateurs talk strategy and professionals talk logistics.” I think it applies to parenting as well, and certainly to running a home kitchen. I keep a detailed shopping list and put all my faith in a fully stocked larder. How do you do it? If you have any tips about food shopping, I'd love to hear them.

The interview with Al is set to air on Sunday night at 10:30, if you happen to be wandering around Worcester, or the Internet.

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