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Starting with a Slow Cooker, Slowly

 My father-in-law is an early adopter. He may be a senior citizen, but he had a cell phone, satellite radio, and email access earlier that most younger folks I know. His latest acquisition is a slow cooker.

SLOWCOOKERRev_500 I was recently sent a copy of “Slow Cooker Revolution,” from America’s Test Kitchen, so I brought the book with me. I’m looking forward to diving into it with him. I have a friend in Manhattan who swears by hers, and with good reason. I've had the delicious dishes that have come out of it.

The slow cooker's inherent concept of "set it, and forget it" really appeals to me, and I'm glad this trip gives me a chance to play around with one. Has anyone else had success with a slow cooker?

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