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Slow Cooker Follow Up: It's all in the Art

The friend of mine who first introduced me to the slow cooker saw my post about "Slow Cooker Revolution," and suggested another book, one that she swears by. I've eaten many meals at her house that have come from her slow cooker, including osso bucco, duck with red wine and wild mushrooms, boneless pork ribs braised with fennel and olives, Thai short ribs, and banana bread pudding. I would be remiss in not passing on her advice.

Bookcover_artofslowcooker Her favorite book is "The Art of the Slow Cooker," by Andrew Schloss. She said it is "THE book. Shorter list of ingredients, less prep time, no weird nuking of veggies and no weird adding of thickeners. He usually has you do a little sauteeing and browning in the beginning so that's where you can feel like you're cooking, if that's a concern."

And she went on to say, "What I love is that I've forgotten all the prep by the time I eat, so it feels like someone else cooked for me--tastes better that way, but I still have a little inkling of mysterious pride that somehow I had something to do with the meal. Feels good. Tastes really good." Now that is an endorsement.

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