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Cod Piece: New York Times Offers Sneak Peak of "Man with a Pan"

Today's New York Times has an excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers Who Cook for their Families," which is being published by Algonquin Books on May 17th. The piece is by my friend Paul Greenberg, the James Beard Award-nominated author of "Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food." It's about a cod-fishing trip he took a few years ago, and what one of his fellow fishermen, a plumber from Long Island, taught him:

...With my fillets stowed, I turned attention to my new idea of stretching my cod-fishing dollar. This came to me while standing amid a pile of guts at the back of the boat with the Lindenhurst plumber while the mate cleaned our catches. “Hey, you know,” the plumber said surveying the carnage, “there’s a lot of good meat on those heads.” Though the plumber’s remark was more apostrophe than prescription, I shoved 20 fish heads into my cooler...

To learn how he catches the fish, and what he does with those heads, click here (don't worry, he also checks in with Marcella Hazan for a savory pasta recipe). To get the whole story about what the plumber and others said (in salty language not fit for a family newspaper) pick up a copy of "Man With a Pan."

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