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Paul Bocuse Makes Me Hungry

Snap Peas and Snapshots: A New Food Photo Exhibit

Taking a good photograph of food is far more difficult than cooking a good meal. As someone who often struggles with a point-and-shoot camera to capture the delights I produce in my kitchen, I know what I'm talking about. One person whose blog does it right is Michael Ruhlman, but that's only because he's married to a wonderful photographer, Donna Turner Ruhlman (that's her amazing purple photo above, from a series of color images she's working on).

Today, "Food for Thought" opens at the Robert Mann Gallery, in Manhattan. A survey of the last eighty years of food photography, the group show features works by the likes of Irving Penn, Paul Outerbridge, and Ansel Adams. I'll have to check it out. Maybe I'll learn a few things. If you're interested in going, the show is up through May 14.

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