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Packing and Moving Basics: How to Carve a Chicken

I'm packing to move, and it's taking up all my time. After fifteen years of living in the same place, I've picked up a few things—such as Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria—that make getting out of this place a bit more complicated than when I left my last residence. At present, I barely have time to cook, never mind eat or write about it.

Still, I want to share one little anecdote, and a nice tip. Last Friday, after I interviewed Pete Wells, I came home and roasted a chicken. After I took it out of the oven, I let it sit for about ten minutes on a deep plate with a nice, curved edge to it. The juices collected on the plate, and after I carved the bird, I placed the meat in the rich liquid. I served it family style. Nina took a few slices of the chicken for herself, and exclaimed, "The juices tonight are just so good."

Here is a great video that the New York Times prepared a few years ago about how to carve a turkey. The same method works very well on a chicken. Enjoy.



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