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Want a quick dinner? Cook up some leftovers. I came home the other night and didn’t have anything to eat. Then I remembered that the sage-and-apple pork and the roasted potatoes I had made over the weekend were still around.

If the pork was a bit tired, but oh so welcome, the potatoes were a revelation. I warmed them in a cast-iron pan and they were as crisp and tasty as the day they were made. I sautéed some "Hot Robot" spinach, and suddenly dinner was ready.

Later, I did the dishes listening to an advance copy of Lucinda Williams’ forthcoming album, “Blessed.” I’m an old fan of hers from her “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road” days, back in the late nineties. I was excited to discover that her new album, on first listen, is on par with that classic.

“Blessed” is not available until March, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with another recent find of mine: The David Wax Museum. They're an up-and-coming indie-folk band out of Boston, and they have a new release, "Everything is Saved," coming out on Feb. 8, and a show at Joe's Pub on Feb. 9. I came across them on The Kitchen Sessions, a music blog with a name I just couldn't resist. Here’s a video of their song “Born With a Broken Heart.”

"Born With A Broken Heart" from Anthem Multimedia on Vimeo.




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