A Season of Giving
Holiday Rush: A Gingerbread Dough and Cookie Recipe

Step in and Stand Clear of the Closing Doors


I carry a sketchbook around with me wherever I go, though I don’t draw these days as much as I used to. One of my regular places to sketch was the subway (which provided me with a never-ending source of models; the above image is from 2003), but now you’re more likely to find me nodding off—mouth open, head back, eyelids drooping—than holding a pen and paper. Working fulltime, cooking, grocery shopping, finishing the book, house hunting, watching the kids, and blogging takes its toll.

Despite my sleeping habits, art continues to fascinate me, and I was delighted to stumble across The Food Illustrator, a site run by the English artist David Meldrum, who has decided to draw what he eats. Unlike my other recent find, They Draw and Cook, where a given recipe is illustrated, Meldrum takes a slightly different tack—he’s spending a year drawing everything he eats. Everything. Take a look:


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