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No Time To Cook Last Night: Busy Getting Stewed at the Office Party

I wasn't at home last night manning the stove. I was swilling cocktails at my company's annual holiday party. That doesn't mean, though, that I wasn't thinking about what I could be cooking. Here are three recipes that have caught my eye recently.

  • "Grown Up Granita," courtesy of Mark Bittman, combines gin, Prosecco, and sorbet into a "sophisticated slushie."
  • Tapenade, courtesy of Dad Cooks Dinner.
  • "Risotto with Turkey, Mushrooms, and Peas," which ran in the New York Times as a post-Thansgiving what-to-do with leftovers type of item, courtesy of Martha Rose Shulman, but sounds like an excellent dinner anytime of the year.

And speaking of leftovers, I'll leave off with a link to Abigail Carroll's excellent Op-Ed about the history of eating yesterday's dinner. If you haven't read it yet, here's your chance.


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