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Hoppin' Mad

Grapefruit Madness!

We eat as much fruit as possible—bananas with our breakfasts, and fresh berries when they are available. During the winter we favor kiwis (especially the succulent golden ones, in season) and citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits. Nina won’t touch fruit of any kind (not even in jams or preserves or pies), but Pinta gobbles them up.

Yesterday, Santa Maria was readying a grapefruit for her (Santa Maria takes profound care when preparing a grapefruit—she peels it like an orange, separates each section, removes all the white pith, and makes a “soup” of the delicious interior), and Pinta went crazy for it (you would too; if you have the patience, try it this way).

When Pinta was finished eating, she asked for another. “Groupfreight,” she called it. Sweet.

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