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When I was in high school, we were offered a choice of taking classes in wood shop or home economics. Most boys, including myself, chose the former, and most girls chose the latter. I knew a couple of guys who picked home-ec, but I was never that cool.

So, if I feel like I have a GED diploma when it comes to household management, I know that there are those who must have PhDs in the subject. They are the highly-efficient ones who can master a concept called "Once-A-Month Cooking," in which four-weeks of meals are compressed into one day of labor.

To me, it sounds like pure alchemy, the lead-into-gold of feeding one's family. I love the freezer, and make great use of it, but I also like freshly cooked food much too much to ever try this approach (plus I lack the brain cells to have any faith in it).

I've been in touch with the folks who run a leading website in the field, Once A Month Mom, and I once even wrote an item for them about  Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder, Puerto Rican style. The Christian-Science Monitor recently put the whole concept to a test, and they had a few pointers. The article is here.



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