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Super Bowl Sunday Pork Shoulder Recipe

We've now gone from simply obsessing over our impending move to doing something about it. We spent the morning and the afternoon driving all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and making the acquaintance of a number of real estate brokers. I spent a lot of time in various kitchens, but I didn't do any cooking. The move is becoming all consuming. While watching the Super Bowl at my brother's place, a nice 1,000 square foot, pre-war Elevator 2 BR, 1 Bath apartment (it's hard now not to think entirely in real-estate terms), I enjoyed a delicious pork roast that he cooked up. I think this is the recipe he used. I've used it many times before and can vouch for it. It works just as well in an oven. I don't have time to write it out, but the recipe can be found here.

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