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Limeade After weeks and weeks of rain (one of my colleagues told me that she recently dreamed of being on an ark), the weather finally broke here today. The sun was shining when we got up. Inspired by the clear skies and seasonal temperatures, we headed to the Greenmarket for clams and mussels. We wanted to have our seafood extravaganza for lunch. Last week, Nina was sick and she couldn't have her "soupy pasta" as she called linguine alle vongole.

On the way to the Greenmarket, we passed a mobile beverage vendor. This being Park Slope, they weren't selling soda, they were selling handmade lemonade and limeade, at $5 a cup. Nina wanted some, but I had just bought her a Tootsie roll, at 15 cents, and pointed out to her that she'd already had a treat for the morning. She was not particularly happy with this reply, but she accepted it.

Santa Maria, being more inventive and loving by nature, volunteered to make fresh lemonade when we got home. Alas, we didn't have any lemons in the house, but we did have limes. She made limeade, and it was one of the most fantastic things I've ever tasted. Fresh and sweet and sharp, just like her.

Saturday Limeade

  • 2 limes
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 4 sprigs mint

        Boil the water, and stir it into the sugar to make a simple syrup.
        Juice the limes.
        Mix the lime juice with the simple syrup and 3 cups water.
        Garnish with mint leaves and slivers of lime peel.
        Serve with ice.

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