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Orange_watermelon Santa Maria’s folks, who are in their eighties and practically more hale than I am, were planning to visit this weekend. Years ago they used to sleep on our pull-out living room sofa. That came to an end when we had kids and the sleepless nights commenced. But, knock on wood, the kids have been sleeping okay and we were set to have them stay in the living room once more.

Santa Maria had to work today on a film shoot. I took the day off from the office to watch the Nina and Pinta. Knowing that my in-laws were due to arrive later in the day, I headed with the kids to the Food Coop, for a massive, early morning shop. I piled port-salut (a favorite of Santa Maria’s mom), a whole watermelon, four heads of broccoli, two roasting chickens, and more into the cart to get ready for their stay.

Back at home, Nina, who had been very lethargic and who had shown little appetite, developed a fever at about 10 a.m. As soon as I realized that she was coming down with something, I called my in-laws and told them to postpone their trip. Following a previous visit a few years ago during which one of our kids was a bit sick, Santa Maria’s mother ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. They might be fit, but you can't discount their chronological age too much.

I was left with poor suffering Nina and a refrigerator full of food. (I’d also placed a large order with Fresh Direct, but what I’m going to do with the stack of four-minute meals that arrived this evening is a yet-to-be-told story). The food won’t go to waste. We’ll eat it over the next week or so no problem.

Pinta, thus far, has been unaffected by whatever has sickened her sister. She was in high spirits all day. I’m hoping she’ll stay that way. Actually, I’m doing more than hoping. I’ve been plying her with fresh fruit. Perhaps a good dose of vitamin C will make a difference.

The fruit-a-thon began and ended with the watermelon I’d bought earlier in the day. After her nap, Pinta and I were sitting with the refrigerator door open looking for a snack. She saw the big, green ball of fruit sitting on the lower shelf.  “Wawamemon,” she cried out. “Wawamemon!” I promptly took it out, sliced it open, and started serving her pieces.

The watermelon turned out to be orange. It didn’t seem as sweet as other watermelons I’ve had. This might be the case because it is so early in the season. Or maybe that’s what makes an orange watermelon different than a regular one. I’m going to have to contact the producer, a small organic outfit called Lady Moon Farms, and see what they tell me.

Orange or not, Pinta loved the succulent fruit. Whether or not it will keep her from getting sick remains to be seen.

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