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Close readers of this site might have noticed a recent change. Casual observers, I bet, could point it out, too—a marked lack of posts. 

I was away for a week over the holidays, and then (and repeatedly) we've been beset by stomach bugs. The first bout was in December (which, for the youngest of the family lasted two weeks). We went another fifteen-rounds with some other infectious agent in January, and then again this month we've been back in the ring. Or should I say, back through the wringer. We've consulted with our doctors and have a clear understanding of what's going on and are hoping that the children's G. I. tracts return to normalcy shortly.

I've also had a few work commitments that have kept me from writing. They have not, however, kept me from cooking (aside from the few brief periods when I was forced to join the children in intestinal hell). 

I will write shortly about what I've been up to in the kitchen. In the meantime, there's little better medicine for the soul than Marvin Gaye... 

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