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Brownsugar Oatmeal has long been one my breakfast standards. I use organic rolled oats and they cook in about twenty minutes. Santa Maria was big on seasoning them with cinnamon and nutmeg and walnuts and apples, but I'm happy to have it plain. So was Nina. Pinta, not so much. She used to eat it, but then started rejecting it. So I changed my course. I added salt while cooking (something most, if not all recipes call for, but I'm resistant to; why calibrate their palates to love salt?), but that wasn't sufficient. Nuts are out, because the doctors and their blood tests tell us that Nina is allergic. Santa Maria came to the rescue with a touch of brown sugar. Pinta gobbles it up now. Easy as pie.


2 cups rolled oats
4 cups water
bring to a boil, covered
simmer  until soft and creamy (can also be made with milk); about twenty minutes
season with above spices, if so desired

serve with milk and or butter and cinnamon and walnuts and apples or whatever you like.

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