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Black-beans We were out last night with friends, so I didn't have to cook. Still, I was at the stove, briefly, pan frying ten salmon fillets for a late night dinner at their house. My friends have the world's largest cast iron frying pan, and it's a thing of beauty. It's some family relic that came across the Rockies in a covered wagon a century ago, or some such. It's a real pleasure to cook with.

Back at home, I was working on black beans and rice. Well, working isn't the right word. I had set some to soak and they were dutifully softening in the refrigerator as I ate with my friends. I'm experimenting with my black beans, using the dried ones instead of the canned ones (hence the soaking). This time, I've also added a strip of Kombu seaweed to help with the softening process. I'm interested to see how they turn out.

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