Quick Fix

Clawing My Way Back

After breaking a bone in my hand last month (a long story better told at another time), I've healed enough to start cooking again. And, more importantly, typing again. 

What a relief. The past few weeks have been very hard on my devoted spouse Santa Maria, though they've been good for the coffers of Fresh Direct, one of the greatest innovations of the past half century. Also, I could not have made it through without the very considerate and thoughtful assistance of my brother Tom, who came over on a number of occasions to chop vegetables and otherwise fill in for me in the kitchen.

When Tom wasn't around, Santa Maria bravely stepped into the breach and handled much of the cooking. It wasn't a task she reveled, to say the least. The roast chicken we (she) made the other night really freaked her out. Roast-chicken-claw

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