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Last Minute Meal

LastminutemealI worked late on Tuesday night, and I hadn't prepared anything to eat for dinner. Santa Maria satisfied herself with a grilled cheese and tomato before I came home. She offered to make one for me, too, but that would never have been enough for me. So I looked in the refrigerator to see what I could come up with. We had yet to shop for the week, and there was little to chose from. I spotted some leftover cooked spaghetti and wondered what might make it tasty. I turned to the freezer, where I found some D'Artagnan chicken sausages with truffles (always a sure bet) and some frozen peas. There, I had it. Not a meal for the ages, but one that met my basic criteria of a protein, a starch, and a vegetable.

I defrosted two sausages under running tap water, sliced them into nickels and set them to saute with a bit of garlic. I par cooked the peas, and tossed them into the frying pan along with the cold spaghetti. I added olive oil and some pine nuts as an afterthought. Dinner was done in about ten minutes. And it wasn't too bad. In fact, Santa Maria coveted it—those are her hands in the picture sampling the dish.


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