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Defrost Day

Where's the Beef?

Compass_2 We buy most, if not all, of our groceries at the Park Slope Food Coop, one of the nation's largest and oldest food coops. A few years ago, after much discussion (which, at the coop, is the norm), the coop started selling meat. Chicken, lamb, beef, rabbit, and other meats are now featured items. They come from as close as upstate New York, and as far away as New Zealand. Most of the products they sell are clearly labeled. Where they come from is never as much a question as what to do with them (I have yet to try the buffalo). Finding out where your meat and produce comes from at other stores, though, can be a challenge. This should change on September 30th. That's the date supermarkets and other large retailers will have to start telling you where much of what they sell comes from. Today's Wall Street Journal has the details.

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