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October 27, 2013


Rick Van Laan

That's an interesting approach. I don't really remember food being a topic of conversation at my dinner table growing up.

Terry Packer

This makes sense. I've never thought about not talking about food at the kitchen table. I've never been a picky eater, if anything, I'm a curious eater. I love trying new things and I want my kids to be the same way.

Elizabeth Beckman

yes, stop talking about it so g-d much! i try not to make much of my daughter's preferences day to day...this falls in the annoying category of "interpreting" everything my child does, so common among 30-something moms with one child. my girl "don't like" beets, salads, noodles, whatever the h--- one day, loves them the next. we create the narrative. by limiting all the talking/interpretation we allow them a greater breadth of experience.

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