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February 21, 2013


Art Kelly

I love that scene from Big Night too and, if I'm not mistaken, it's all done in one take -- no cuts, the camera never blinks.

Tucci stays in character and also never misses a beat in his cooking as he oils the frying pan, adjusts the flame, beats the eggs and cooks them, sets out the bread and the plates, then sits down to eat. Lovely acting, directing, and cooking. Watching the scene ALWAYS makes me hungry.


My husband is obsessed by The Big Night. Is it a "guy thing" like The Big Lebowski? I'll admit, tho, that I love that scene when Stanley Tucci makes eggs. Actually, if I'm honest I'll admit that I love the entire movie. Must try this frittata. Just have to serve it before my Oscar night popcorn made Ina wok.


I am a woman and Big Night is my favorite movie of all time. Such a beautiful scene.

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