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January 27, 2013


susan oher

I love Brussels sprouts - also tired of them being mushy, I have taken to cooking them over a very high heat in a slightly oiled wok. They are wonderfully browned on the outside and crunchy on the inside. I add what ever spices strike my fancy at the time.
I'm a big fan of Ottolenghi's recipe for Brussels: Pan-fried brussels sprouts and shallots with pomegranate & purple basil

Sandra Brown

i chop off the bottoms(thats what Mom did) oven roasting high heat with olive oil and sea salt,my oven it takes about 15 minutes.
in the summer i make a cold sprout dish using frozen sprouts cook them the same way then add cracked pepper 2 tblsp. vinegar mix that together then cool it down and then add a rough chopped tomato...perfection.

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