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December 04, 2012


John Wyszniewski

I really appreciate this honest approach and the book analogy is perfect. Better than that "sneaky" chef strategy. And yeah, so you were right, and they didn’t like it. But next time, they’ll trust you, and try something else.


I completely agree that it is our job as parents to teach our children to eat, just as we teach our children to read. Great analogy that I'll use with my children soon, if needed (so far so good).

While we can't control everything they will like, we can -- and must-- continue to put healthy food in front of them, and introduce "grown up" foods regularly.

It's inevitable: sooner or later they will take another bite, out of curiosity or defiance or trying to show up a sibling or simply in trying to score points with a parent. It doesn't really matter why they take that second bite -- the point is that if the opportunity is there, in a non-threatening way, eventually they will try a food again. And if they weren't ready for that "grownup" taste the first time, maybe the second or third or tenth taste will be the tipping point. If not, there's always PB&J.

Frank Reiter

Fantastic analogy! I will have to try that one, as well. Often we just explain to my son that he needs to try some "thank you bites" to show his appreciation that Daddy took the time to cook something new and special for the family. If he doesn't like it, sometimes we reduce it down. If it has chicken, some different veg, sauce, or something... we may have him start picking the chicken out. Then, work with some of the veg... and so on. The other night, he hated the garlic-ginger stirfry that I made. So, we broke it down to him... and he ended up eating it all... just not as a whole forkful, but rather a bite of chicken, a bite of the veggies, some rice, and repeat. He loves being my little foodie, and my Sous Chef, so it's not too horrible. Last year, for Christmas, he got "Foodie ABC's" book, and he loves trying some of the foods that are used as examples in the book!

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