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November 15, 2012


Meg D

I totally agree that the most important element is time. Taking time to plan the ingredient list, the cooking order and the table assignments.

I have taken the week of Thanksgiving off to cook and prepare for the past 9 years but, due to a work trip, I will not be able to do that this year. I think I am in denial about just how disappointed I am. I love this time. I love slowing down and thinking and cooking and listening to NPR in the middle of the day while rooting around the dark back section of the storage shelves.

This year we'll have a small group, my brother and his wife and my husband's sister and her husband now live too far away for a Thanksgiving visit. So I hope the fact that I'm only cooking for seven of us will take the sting out of losing two days of prep.

My best advice is to TAKE the time but also to ENJOY the time. Because we're all just one ill timed work trip away from losing it...

Kath the Cook

Take a deep breath... you'll be fine.

Do as much as you can ahead. Make Ruhlman's turkey stock this weekend and then the gravy. par boil your butternut and finish it day of. make your dressing. pickle things, whatever. bake. get things made and take the pressure off Thursday.

have lots of tupperware and/or disposable plastic containers to store leftovers - or the precious goodies you may (or may not) send people home with.

and remember, the turkey is done when the oven door pops open.. ha,ha. most of all have fun with it.

Helen McHargue

We always have a major culinary catastrophe of some kind....ovens broken, electricity suddenly cut off, lost essentials- like potato masher or baster.
We've learned that as the years pass, the things you remember and become hilariously funny, are the things that go wrong. During our long drive to meet with our relatives we try to guess what the year's memorable screw-up will be. It's our tradition and really takes the pressure off the

Mrs. Fresh Scratch

It's late, so for next year (assuming this year went well!): set your table(s) ahead of time, the night before. Cups and all. Park your girls in front of the parade on tv the day of while you and Santa Maria prep - it's a lifesaver, that parade!!

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