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November 04, 2012



Interesting and delicious looking recipe. However, I'd recommend the next time you make it, swap the onion and chorizo cooking order.

As you mentioned, you thought by crisping the chorizo, you sweated out quite a bit of oil, you could actually use that oil (and a dash of olive oil if the oil from the chorizo isn't enough) to cook the onions. it adds an extra dimension and infusion of flavours.


Spanish chorizo? Or Mexican? Can't tell from the photo, and the recipe doesn't specify, but the flavor profiles would be very different. (Personally, I much prefer the Spanish variety). And I would second Greg's suggestion.

Donna Crabtree

I ate my pudding from yesterday for breakfast and it kept be full until lunch. It was really good!


Where do you get your chorizo in Brooklyn? I've never noticed it at the food coop, although I must admit I've never looked. This looks delicious.

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