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November 11, 2012



the link "post at CommonHealth is helpful" does not work


I stumbled upon the "pasta" method after my rice cooker consistently burned brown rice (and I was unwillingly to buy another rice cooker).

I do not rinse the rice, since there is almost no starch on its surface. AFAIK, there is no arsenic on the surface either. But I suppose that rinsing does no harm.

In the pasta method, the object of cooking on low heat is to avoid spillovers that mess up the stove, rather than to absorb the water. To cover loosely is to avoid wasting heat energy (while preventing spillovers).

After draining (and turning off the heat), the rice can be returned to the same pot (and covered for best effect) to keep warm and distribute the moisture evenly.

Finally, it is theoretically possible to prepare a whole bunch of rice on weekends, to be frozen for weekday use, although I do not have enough experience to comment on the likely results of doing so.

john donohue

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it!

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