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October 24, 2012



There's lots of great recipes out there for other grains. Check out 101 Cookbooks for many ideas. Millet is great under saucy foods as is polenta.

I use barley and farro a lot as well. My husband cooks up a cup (dry) of brown rice everday and eats it for lunch. He's starting rinsing it since I read that article, but I wonder now if I could get him to mix it up a bit more...


I'm with Jenn. I LOVE farro. It's my absolute favorite- holds together nicely in soups, salads and risotto too. I use it as a substitute for pasta these days. It's sturdy, has a nice bite to it.

Barley is great too. I usually just make a big bowl of it at the beginning of the week and then add it to whatever I'm cooking.

Dennis Blair @ Fort Collins Personal Trainer

You know, this is exactly the first thing I did when I heard these reports. You are right that it is difficult to completely eliminate rice from our diets. So I did what you did and started diversifying. It's sad that we have to constantly be on the lookout for what is in our food.

Tammie Grey

i'll tell my husband about this recipe! he'll be thrilled. he's the cook in our house.


Arsenic and Old Rice? GREG

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Wow, eso fue muy interesante. Inspirador, también. Gracias por compartir esta experiencia inspiradora con nosotros. Usted tiene razón, usted realmente salvar vidas. Gran blog, felicidades.

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