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September 19, 2012



Don't rinse off the seeds and charred skin...pick them off instead. Rinsing takes off the oils from the pepper that give it flavor. A little charred skin that sticks gives it additional flavor.

john donohue

Thanks for the tip. I updated the post.

Big D

I like to use leftover corn in soup, pasta sauces and stir fries. It also freezes well off the cob(I haven't tried freezing it intact). Maque choux is also a favourite recipe, although the kids won't eat it. I've got a good recipe if you haven't made it before.


I actually had to find a use for 2 ears of corn last night. I had a leftover roasted chicken breast that I diced up and put in a skillet with some BBQ sauce and the corn that I had cut off the cobs. I then mixed the heated mixture with cilantro and sliced green onions. I used this as filler for my homemade tortillas that I cooked while getting everything else ready and topped with some marinated onions and a little sour cream and dinner was served.

Meg D

I agree with Big D, just take the corn off the cob and throw it into pasta. My favorite it: corn, chopped tomatoes and shrimp sauteed in a bit of olive oil and garlic. Mix with some whole wheat pasta and throw in some arugula or fresh spinach at the end so you get a nice mix of textures.

I do the same stovetop roasting trick with eggplants. Give it a try, as long as they are not too thick that's all the cooking they need. If they are very large, you will need to slice them down the middle after roasting and then cook them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes or so to get them to soften up completely. Makes the BEST babaganoush!

john donohue

Meg, Dave, Big D!

Thanks for all the tips. Youve given me some great ideas.



Cut the corn off the cob. Dice some onions. Add a little oil to a frying pan along with a couple of dashes each of cayenne and black pepper, then & fry the onions & corn. Don't be shy about the heat -- you want these to get a bit of a char on them. When cooked to your liking, add salt to taste and use as a filling for quesadillas with jack cheese & whole wheat tortillas. Garnish with salsa and/or sour cream if desired.

Matthew Green

@Alexia - thanks for the tip! Tried it out last night, it was awesome!

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