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September 12, 2012



Fun John!! Just posted mine as well. Great spending time with you in Alaska!!

Nick D.

Wow some gnarly photos you got there. Cool reason to head up to Alaska as well. Did you go to some sort of seminar? With all the shows having to do with Alaska and fishing/crabbing I hope they will remain sustainable for years to come.
Thanks for sharing John.


I'm so jealous. My husband and I grew up on the North Carolina coast. Growing up our family's feasted on fresh local seafood. Currently we live in Northeast Tennessee and there is no - no fresh seafood. Ugh. Glad you had a wonderful time.

john donohue


Thanks for dropping by. Alaska is a great place to visit. Very far from East Coast, but thats what makes it special. We were there checking out the wild seafood of alaska. Ill have more on that soon.


john donohue


I feel you pain. Fresh seafood is amazing. Truth about Alaskan seafood, tho, is that it freezes very well. Even when we were there, much of the product was frozen, and it still tasted amazing. Scallops, crab, salmon. Try them, and I think youll be pleasantly surprised.




This looks like an amazing trip!

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