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June 21, 2012



Cooking and seduction are such arts, it takes some magic to successfully pull both off in one night. But when you do? My wife makes a mean Moussaka, a dish that she first cooked for me back in college, and it never fails to inspire romance after even the toughest and most-exhausting of days. I've put together lots of meals to inspire the same feelings in her, but when reading this post, my mind goes to one of my first times I ever cooked a dinner on my own, with the help of my high school girlfriend. She told me about fondue, a concept very foreign to my traditional meat-and-potatoes background. We bought a bunch of semi-sweet chocolate chips and fired up the microwave, dipping strawberries, cheese, even chicken fingers in it. With no parents around, and being sixteen years old...


I don't think I could beat Brian's post!

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