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May 24, 2012



I don't have kids, and I know some have an aversion to greens, but I loved spinach as a child, so this may work well for others...

My favorite weekday breakfast is a breakfast burrito, and I saute a bunch of greens with some onion and garlic on Sunday night.

Each morning, I scramble an egg, reheat the greens, top it all with some shredded cheese, and throw it in a tortilla.

Depending on the greens and the cheese I have on hand, this can be stellar. Or sometimes, it takes some salsa to really make it sing.


I agree that this is a bit much to do on a weekday morning when you are trying to get two little ones and two adults out the door.

What I sometimes do, instead, is prep a ton of breakfast burritos on a Sunday and throw 'em in the freezer. Scramble a couple dozen eggs with cheese, cook a few different meats (ham, sausage, bacon), wrap the eggs and one of the meats in a tortilla, wrap in aluminum foil and toss in the freezer.

That should give you at least a dozen burritos that take about a minute to warm up in the morning. One hour's worth of work for at least three days of convenient hot breakfasts...


My favorite breakfast is an egg bake that my grandmother always made for Christmas. Since our family has grown (and grown older), I have taken the reigns in making the Christmas egg bake. It's quite easy and the best part about it is that you make everything the night before. I get everything ready after all the family goes to bed, on Christmas Eve, and then Christmas morning the only work I have to do is pre-heat the oven, and dish up the egg bake!

Jason Priluck

This one was a big winner for my son. I needed an alternative to cereal, waffles, or bagel. This did it! Thanks!!

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