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February 17, 2012


debbie koenig

Thanks for coming to the party, John! And you're not the first to make note of that "stereotypical Irish man" comment. I swear on a stack of cookbooks, it's a direct quote from a reader!


Hmm...maybe I'm stereotypical, but mine was also bolognese, although with good ol' spaghetti...


I have a 3 month old at home, and I am finding out that EVERYTHING takes more time than you would think. I started with something simple and delicious. Homemade peanut butter. I took the recipe from one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis, Hell's Kitchen. I suppose technically it's not cooking because I am mixing a few ingredients together, but I started small! It's also something where I can leave it be for a little while if I need to go tend to my son. It keeps for a month out on the counter, which makes it perfect for a middle of the night snack.

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