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January 25, 2012



Tip for slow cooker!
I like to do a whole chicken - chop 1 onion place on bottom of slow cooker, set whole chicken that I've dry rubbed misc spices and add half a beer. Then drink the rest of said beer and cook for 2-3 hrs depending on size of bird. I then soak either black or pinto beans for those hours. When bird is done, I switch bird for beans and cook beans in all the drippings and beer. DELICIOUS!

Best slow cooker

That roasted red peppers recipe is great, I'm going to try it very soon. Great stuff!

catering crockery

I am a cook by profession so I will definately participate in the virtual class.The roasted red peppers is not too bad but this dish is healthy in many ways.I am indeed looking forward for your another good posts.

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