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August 21, 2011



Oh dear, what does it say about me that I see a Pepperidge Farm goldfish??


It says you are a genius of interpretation! Love it.

David R

John, I think you've jumped to conclusions with the "worse bread = better french toast". Good sourdough bread (like the kind you got at the greenmarket) often has a very chewy crumb and tougher crust; what most people prefer for french toast is something like brioche or challah, with a soft crumb that sops up the egg mixture appropriately and then contrasts nicely with the crispy exterior when it's cooked.

Your vacation bread was probably a softer white bread, which will be closer to the challah-ideal than sourdough. So I think it wasn't the cheapness of the bread as much as the fact it was the right style! Personally I think the flavor of sourdough isn't great with french toast, and since good sourdough is so great fresh or toasted, it feels wrong to mask the flavor with any additions.

Next time you aren't pressed for time in the morning, I'd try the cooks illustrated recipe, my favorite: http://gratuitousrecipes.blogspot.com/2007/07/french-toast.html

Charlotte K

You forgot the nutmeg!

Essential in French toast.

I see a rabbit first. Very cute!

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