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May 04, 2011



Here is what I do. I saute crushed garlic in a little oil add fresh chilly flakes and toss in steamed broccoli. This way the broccoli has some kick.
To this I add one portion of noodles and drizzle a little soy sauce or Ponzu( which is available in Asian stores, it is soy sauce with lemons/limes) and toss the veg + noodles before serving for each member of the family. That way I can customize depending on what each person wants or would like to have. I do this in a wok.
I do the same with left over cooked rice. I do a medley with rice, peas, carrots and broccoli. And if there is salmon left over, I cook the left over salmon in a separate pan heat it thoroughly and add it to rice and toss with vegetables that are left over and drizzle Ponzu on it.


I liked those tips, and my wife cooks pasta that way too.

I spotted this the other day in a similar vein that you may find interesting. Rachel Eats has a recipe that I can't wait to try based on asparagus and peas, just as soon as I spot some asparagus.



I did a broccoli pasta dish last week to clear out the fridge. I roasted it with garlic, panko, parmesan and S&P. Then I put an over easy egg right in the middle = Awesome.

Today I did roasted broccoli for lunch and added 1tbsp flax for something extra = awesomer.

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