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February 15, 2011



OK, I am married to a Moroccan man and while he loves tagine, he complains bitterly if I cook in my Le Creuset cast iron version (same as yours) and says it changes the taste completely. Tired of lugging clay versions back from Morocco only to have them crack in a couple of months, we've planning on buying the flame-proof Emile Henry clay option at Williams-Sonoma. I'll let you know how it is :-)

john donohue

Wow. I had no idea. Ill have to get a regular one someday and compare the taste. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Joe McCarthy

I've been using a ceramic tagine I bought on Atlantic Avenue across from Sahadi's, but I only use the top over my cast iron skillet. Haven't gotten to the really, really slow cooking required by the ceramic bottom. Nothing over 250 degrees, which means the meat and vegies don't brown.

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