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November 24, 2010


Harriet Bell

I was appalled at the recipe on Google! Everything from the timing of the recipe to checking for doneness is the kind of bad culinary information too often found on the web. I use Rick Rodger's recipe for roast turkey. It's cooked at a lower temperature (325) for a longer period of time. The breast is covered with foil for several hours so it doesn't dry out. And the only way to tell if a bird is done is to use a thermometer. That "until the juices run clear" is bunk. Check out rickrodgers.com for the best TDay recipes. Full disclosure: I was Rick's editor for his book Thanksgiving 101. And we are close friends, made even closer by frying a turkey in my backyard while recipe testing his book.



Valid points indeed. Thanks for sharing such useful information. Were anyone to cook a turkey from the advice given above, I would hope that for their sake they would look at the USDA link: that explains to cook the bird and stuffing to an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Alas, they don't offer suggestions for keeping the breast moist. Fortunately we have Rodgers' advice for that.

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