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October 06, 2010


Jan @ Family Bites

I came to your blog via Gwyenth Paltrow's mention of you in her GOOP email. It's wonderful and I'll be making many more visits.


Another GOOP link here. I'm an ex-NYCer and a working mom ofa 7-month old, and I'm so glad to have found your site! I love cooking but haven't been able to fit it in so much as I used to pre-baby, so I'm looking forward to do-able cooking ideas from you.

I'm so glad your daughter is okay! I can tell you're a seasoned parent bc I would have lost my wits in that scenario.

Re: black beans - I lived in Miami for a couple years. A Cuban friend told me her secret to great black beans is white vinegar, oregano, a bay leaf, and "sazon" (a pre-made seasoning, which I've stopped using bc I'm suspicious of pre-made seasonings). Your recipe sounds delicious, too, and I bet the limes provide a nice little bite.


Here from Goop too! Happy it all worked out well with your daughter. This bean dish sounds delicious. I could eat black beans several times a week. I've got a recipe that is my old standby that has black beans, green peppers, onions and tomatoes - with some vinegar and thyme added that is absolutely delicious served over rice.

Great blog and congratulations on being featured by Gwyneth!!

wendy monro

Hi. I am here from Goop as well. I also blog about being a parent and loving to cook. www.simplyfoodify.com. I just had to check out your site and I love it. Keep up the good work. Lots of love to you and yours.


It's the power of the interwebs! I came via Goop too.

I really like this blog and will definitely be back. This black bean soup is on the plan for this weekend. And I'm loving your quinoa recipe. I'm going to try it with butternut squash and some mushrooms soon.

Small world element: we both went to Union and I work at Conde Nast too!

polly martin

my mouth is watering! mmmmmm sounds yummy. a little rice, your black bean recipe, and that curtis mayfield music from your earlier post on huevos rancheros.


Thanks to all the GOOP readers. I hope you find things that help you cook better, eat better, and enjoy your family more.

Mafalda M.

Form GOOP also.

Try this quick recipe from Brasil, you will love it, quite simple and fast.

Sliced onions
olive oil
bacon in cubes or sliced small
dried red pepper ( at your taste)
let it fry until onions are golden add the black beans.



I made this today and cooking time was over 3 hours! We will have this later today and see if it was worth it. Next time, i will use the pressure cooker.



I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it tastes. This is my new favorite black-bean recipe. How was it?


Hi John,

My family really liked it. I, on the other hand, am very critical of my own cooking. The taste is good. My presentation needs work-- I think it turned out too thick and needs additional liquid when serving. How do cook these so that the beans retain their shape? Thanks for your help.



Hi M,

Glad you liked the beans. I got the idea not to soak the beans from the cookbook "Rosa's New Mexican Table," by Roberto Santibanez, the chef of the NYC restaurant Rosa Mexicano.

I may do another blog post when I follow his recipe exactly (it calls for the use of fresh epazote, an herb I'm not familiar with), but for now I'll share his reasons for not soaking the beans.

He says "presoaking breaks down the skins, leaving them mushy." So if you don't soak them, they should hold their shape. Maybe you cooked them too long?

If you were trying to get them tender, I've heard that you cannot salt them while cooking. I don't know if it's true or not (perhaps the subject of yet another post), but supposedly the salt will make the skins tough and not let the liquid in to soften the bean. Did you salt at the beginning or the end of the cooking?

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